About our eBooks

Ragged Banner offers Ye Fu's Hard Road Home and Hu Fayun's Such Is This World as eBooks in various formats. In addition to .mobi (the classic Kindle format) and .ePub (supported by almost all non-Kindle devices), Hard Road Home is available as an .azw3 file. This format works on the newer Kindle models and offers superior formatting.

If you buy an eBook from Ragged Banner and you tell me within three days that it can’t be read comfortably on your device (and we find that none of the other formats will work for you, either), I will refund your money.

As a courtesy to our readers and to facilitate the use of the book on a variety of devices, these files are unencumbered by DRM. In the hope of providing some income to the author and the publisher, this eBook is sold under a restrictive license. The purchaser is entitled to read the book and retain it in his or her personal digital library. To make this eBook available over the Internet, to distribute copies of it to others, or to print it for others’ use are all violations of the license. If you do not agree to be bound by these terms, do not purchase an eBook from Ragged Banner Press.

Older versions of Microsoft's Internet Explorer may not enable you to order an eBook from the Orders page. In that case, just send an email to the address provided on the Contact page, and your order will be taken care of.

Your eBook will be sent to you via e−mail, most likely within 24 hours; you need an e−mail account that can receive messages with large (~3MB) attachments. When you order, please indicate on the drop-down list the file format you prefer.